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A tactical flashlight is a flashlight made to combat-grade standards. That means it can be utilized by such teams as the SWAT team and the military. It comes ready for use on a weapon like a rifle which it is mounted on for low-light shooting. This said, you also need to have some form of protection on you to help you in tough situations.

The first obvious reason you need a tactical flashlight is the bright light it gives on demand. This is coupled with its ability to be used as a weapon in some of these tight spots. The more flashlight reviews you read, the more you will get the ability to choose the best one. With the various flashlights on the market, it is important to know what to look for in a tactical flashlight before you purchase one.


Convenience of Size

A combat flashlight is meant to be highly portable. Its size should let you carry it easily from place to place while it kplkmbvczwsits comfortably in your pocket.

That means it should be made small, being no larger than the palm of your hand. This also allows you to handle it comfortably.

What to Look for in a Tactical Flashlight Material

Tactical flashlights are supposed to endure harsh treatment. They ought to be made tough and resilient to be able to last through rough handling. You should get a flashlight that is made of durable metal like type three adonized grade aluminum. This ensures that it is long lasting. The material it is made of should also be rugged to give you traction when you handle it.

Fashioned as a Weapon

The primary purpose of having a tactical light is for you to have an advantage in combat. You can gain this advantage by having a flashlight that is made with a serrated bezel. This comes in handy as you can use it to punch or stamp your target with. Made with tough metal it can also be used to break glass windows safely.

Should Have a High Lumens Rating

The most important reason to have a flashlight is for lighting. As a tactical addition, it should have a high amount of light output that can easily disorient an attacker or intruder long enough for you to take action. This flashlight should not have an output lower than 120 lumens. The brighter the light output, the better for you.

Resistance to Elements

kjkjwqbkplkmbOne of the most important things what to look for in a tactical flashlight is the resistance it has against the elements. This is seen in the level of water resistance it has.

Low rated flashlights perform correctly in rain and splashing water while high rated lights can perform well even when submerged in water.

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