13 Feb

To become a philanthropist means that you will not be seeking profits in any activity or project you undertake. Formally philanthropy can be defined as, love of humanity by caring, nourishing, and enhancing all that gives meaning to being human. A person who tries to achieve this by giving money, dedication and time to achieve this is known as a philanthropist.

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A philanthropist can seek to alleviate or help in different aspects of human indignity. This is mostly something that he or she thinks is important. The issues that philanthropists mostly give attention to include poverty, issues of orphans, slavery, women empowerment, lack in education and many more issues surrounding us in everyday life. It is important to note that philanthropists differ from charity organizations because a philanthropist does not only give fish to the hungry but also empowers them with the skill to catch their own fish.

Examples Of Philanthropist

The most famous philanthropist of all time whose efforts are still felt and seen throughout the world is Henry Dunant. He was a Swiss businessman who used his hard earned fortune to fund the Geneva Society during a war in 1870. The organization evolved into what we know as Red Cross/ Red Crescent today. Henry Dunant is recorded to have personally led the Red Cross team to treat wounded soldiers. He is the first Nobel Peace Prize holder.

In more recent times, the act of being a philanthropist has taken a new turn. This is because the internet has played a big role in providing platforms for people to donate from all over the world. Take for example the case in the Haiti quakes where the whole world responded to the suffering of the people. The most famously known philanthropists of the modern age include Bill and Melinda gates and warren buffet and are the responsible for founding the giving pledge.

Impacting People

lkytryuioiuytyuiYou do not have to be rich to become a philanthropist. By giving strategically like giving a percentage of your income on something that means a lot to you become a philanthropist in a small way. When giving, it is important to do thorough research just like investing before you donate anything to a charity of your choice. This is because there are some charities that seek to gain profit or redirect the funds to a different project in the long run. Do not just give money; take a participatory role by volunteering or offering your skills. By doing this, you can be a first class philanthropist.