22 Sep

The distribution systems from the inline utilizers to bundle squaring  and offline strappers machines are made to maximize the output while minimizing choke points. Unitizers, stretch wrappers, and bundlers are examples of the comprehensive line of strapping and equipment. They are suitable for a various types of applications which include the anti pilferage packaging and securement of the load. Without sacrificing all-important time, the tool can be set up in one’s main line efficiently and promptly. An individual can make the ideal distribution packaging scheme for his or her needs through the in-house capabilities of the employees of a particular company. The following are types and features of the strapping machines for pallets;


jjhjhjhjhjxxzThe technology that is referred to as modular features in this kind of cartoon and pallet strapping machine. An individual should apply high and uniform tension to the loads. The VRB and MH-R machines are suitable for various applications which include the products that are palletized products, the appliances, cartoons, bundled products, bales and bulk bins.

MH-VM machine

This machine plastic strapping seal features both fast change strap feeding of the Signode and seal modules with reliable operation and high speed. By using this machine, the productivity is maximized, and the downtime is reduced as a result. It is easy to work on and requires little maintenance. The MH-VM machine has got a wide choice of the chute sizes making it suitable for various the packaging applications.

MH-H machine

The MH-H machine is made for the packaging applications that need strapping in a straight way or manner. A broad variety of load kinds can be accommodated by this type of machine. Drums, appliances, palletized products, and milk crates are examples of the various types of loads. It features the existing strap lines which are easily integrated with the equipment. The features of MH-H are standardized, and thus maximum uptime is provided. The features include strap centering, automatic refeed and automatic belt loading.

Raptor 1525

The Raptor 1525 machine is an automatic wrapping equipment. When in operation, forty-five loads are wrapped in any given hour. In the industry, the Raptor 1525 is considered as the highest speed turnover machine. In the market, it is available as a conveyed turntable or a high profile turntable. It can be installed on its own or incorporated into an existing in-line system.

Cobra 1525

jhjhjhjhjhjhjwqDuring operation, thirty-five loads are wrapped in any given hour. High-speed stretch packaging is provided by the machine. It is flexible so can accommodate a broad range of load configurations.

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