10 Jan

Dealing with aching muscles and stress after a day’s work is not in any way a laughing matter. It is important to bring down your daily stress to maintain your physical health and sanity. One of an ideal ways to treat stiffness and stress after a rough day’s work is by getting a massage – a warm and human touch to reduce mental and physical stress and relieve all those aching muscles.  That said here are the best recliner massage chair that you need to consider the next time you are shopping for one. They will give you an amazing experience.

Available options

Osaki OS 4000 Executive Zero-Gravity

Made of synthetic leather, this massage chair offers a stylish design, exceptional performance, and robust hghhgghghggggconstruction. It provides zero-gravity positions, thus depending on the kind of massage you wish to have, you can either change or recline the chair’s angle. The amazing massage robot of Osaki Chair scans your whole body curve, making micro adjustments while focusing on the shoulders, neck and lumbar.

You can personalize your massage sessions by choosing among six auto-programs (effective, healthcare, relax, demo, circulation, and therapy) and six massage styles (kneading, rolling, Swedish, combo, clapping and Shiatsu).

Inada Sogno Dreamwave

Inada Sogno Dreamwave is one of the highest rated and most advanced massage chairs. Its movements are based on the actual motions that are given by shiatsu massage experts. They are designed to mimic those back superb mobilization movements that are commonly used by physical therapists and chiropractors. Inada Sogno Dreamwave features proprietary technology, which provides gentle figure 8-motion which stimulates your body’s balance, similar to what is derived from a shiatsu massage session.

You can personalize your massage or else make use of one the eight massage program sequences, with additional preprogrammed massage settings nighttime and morning.

Human Touch i-Joy-2,580

hghghgghghbbbbI-Joy-2,580 is another exceptionally amazing massage chair. It is an ideal option if you are searching for a more comfortable and affordable massage chair. It makes use of the patented Human-Touch massage technology, which provides ease of pain, stress relief, tension, fatigue, and improves circulation and relaxation. The massage that this massage chair provides mimics the techniques and movements used by spinal and back care experts.

It is one of the best recliner massage chairs out on the market today and is available in two colors: espresso and black.

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